MoringaConnect sources organically cultivated seeds from smallholder farmers in Ghana to produce cold-pressed Moringa oil to formulators of hair and skincare products worldwide.

kwami planting moringa


Many smallholder farmers growing the Moringa tree only know about the tree’s nutrient dense leaves, thinking of the seeds as an unprofitable byproduct of leaf cultivation for personal consumption and sale as a natural supplement. MoringaConnect changes that story by serving as an achor buyer of Moringa seeds to farmers cultivating the tree, allowing them to generate more income. We also provide the agricultural inputs they need to cultivate Moringa effectively and train them in cultivation and harvesting practices that will maximize their yields. We disseminate nutritional information to help farmers enjoy the nutritional benefits of the leaves from their Moringa trees. Our processing technologies and market connections enables the entire Moringa value chain and leads to a wholesome capturing of value from this “miracle tree.”



Faced with hunger and poverty, deciding what tree and crops to cultivate as a smallholder could literally mean life or death. MoringaConnect helps farmers interplant into their farmland Moringa oleifera, a multipurpose plant grown worldwide in the tropics and sub-tropics. Its fast-growing and drought-resistant nature allows it to produce leaves and pods even in the most arid climates, and its low demand for soil nutrients and water make its production and management easy and economical. In comparison to comparable oil-producing plants that may take up to 15 years to yield oilseeds, mature moringa seeds can be harvested as early as one year after planting. Moringa plants act as a natural fertilizer to food crops cultivated by smallholder farmers and double as a food crop for their nutritious leaves.



MoringaConnect provides personal care formulators Moringa oil- a natural and effective alternative to chemical agents that promotes anti-aging, skin and hair rejuvenation, and unmatched moisturizing effects allowing them to deliver hair and skincare products that work and consumers can feel good about using.