While working with farming communities in rural Ghana, co-founders Kwami and Emily were inspired by super-crop known locally as ‘the miracle tree,’ ‘the never-die tree,’ or just – moringa. Aid organizations had spread these moringa trees throughout rural communities in Ghana, explaining that the leaves and seeds were valuable and nutritious. Without connections to a market, however, the fast growing moringa tree became a nuisance in farmers’ backyards and the seeds from the tree left to rot or fed to the animals. Kwami and Emily set about creating a supply chain to connect farmers to conscious consumers and introduce the world to moringa.


We provide a dedicated agricultural extension officer, training, organic seeds and fertilizer, and financing as needed to enable over 5000 small farmers throughout Ghana to kickstart their moringa farms. Most importantly, we provide a guaranteed market for the leaves and seeds they produce.


After purchasing seeds and leaves at a fair price from our farmers, we bring them to our centralized processing center in Accra, Ghana. We use technologies and systems we have designed in-house and tailored specifically to moringa oil and powder production. We process our moringa seeds and leaves in-country, adding value and creating jobs locally. We conduct analyses of our oil and powder to ensure each batch meets our high quality standards.


We supply bulk moringa oil and bulk moringa tea and powder to brands around the world. Our True Moringa wellness brand (Best of Indie Beauty Expo, Best of NY NOW, INNOCOS Blue Beauty Award) can be found in Whole Foods and Pharmaca.